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Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit Could Be A Life Saver

Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit Could Be A Life Saver


By Chris Scott Barr

How many of you are guilty of dropping your phone into a pool of water? If you’re one of the lucky ones that have not, just wait. One of these days your precious device will end up in the toilet, sink or possibly an actual pool. Generally when this happens, you’ll try and dry it out and hope for the best (which doesn’t always work out so well). The best method I know of is to toss it into a bag full of rice, which should absorb a good deal of the water. Another option is to have a couple of these Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kits on-hand.

The bag contains some sort of super-absorbent material that, much like the rice, will take the water out of your phone. When disaster strikes, you simply tear off the top, toss in the phone (or any other small electronic device) and zip it shut for a couple of days. Crossing your fingers and praying to your choice of deities never hurts either. At $10 a pop, I’d say it’s worth keeping a couple around. If it does work, you’ll save a lot of cash over buying a new phone.

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