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LEGO 2×2 Brick LED Light

LEGO 2×2 Brick LED Light

LEGO 2x2 Brick LED Light (Images courtesy Brando)
By Andrew Liszewski

This isn’t LEGO’s first LED-equipped, um, accessory? But adult LEGO fans will probably feel a bit less self-conscious about carrying this 2×2 brick LED light, than the hanging minifig lantern we brought you a while ago. It’s powered by 3xAAA batteries and comes with a wall mount providing a convenient place to stick the light when it’s not in use. At just over 3 inches long on each side, it’s roughly about twice as tall as a standard LEGO minifig character, making it small enough to be easily carried while providing a usable amount of illumination, but not small enough to be accidentally stepped on with excruciating results. $22.90 from Brando.

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