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Bandai’s Hyper Telescope – Look Out!!

Bandai’s Hyper Telescope – Look Out!!

Bandai Hyper Telescope (Image courtesy Bandai)
By Andrew Liszewski

Gazing at the stars at night is pretty much impossible if you live in a crowded metropolitan area. So as an alternative to building and using a gigantic electromagnetic pinch to knock out the lighting in a big city, Bandai has created the Hyper Telescope, which provides a safer, virtual view of the night sky.

Once you specify your location on Earth, a built-in 3-axis accelerometer and magnetic orientation sensor shows you exactly what celestial objects and constellations you’d be seeing were you staring through a real telescope. And so the rest of your family doesn’t get jealous, it even has a TV-out connection for sharing. There’s also some educational crap and games mixed in too, so your $173 (?16,182) investment at least guarantees a solid C+ on your kid’s next science report.

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