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Bacon Flavored Instant Baby Formula Obviously Doesn’t Really Exist, Obviously Needs To

Bacon Baby Infant Formula (Image courtesy J&D's)
By Andrew Liszewski

Thanks to a fake but convincing package design, Bacon Baby, which is supposedly bacon flavored instant baby formula, looks like you just might find it on supermarket shelves next to that boring flavored Gerber stuff. In fact, were it not for the outlandish claims on the J&D’s website, I’d probably try and order some for myself. I mean the great taste of bacon without all that exhausting chewing? It’s win win!

The results were absolutely impressive. By the age of 4 months, our test subject started to exhibit some amazing abilities including walking and talking. By 6 months of age, she could read and memorize her early stage children’s books and showed an extreme level of coordination and balance – so much so that she was enrolled in gymnastics and ballet with children 5 years older than she was! At two years old, she read her first 300 page book, memorized the Declaration of Independence and (this is absolutely true) began composing her first symphony.

Even though I’m sure this was an April Fool’s Day prank of some sort, I think we can all agree that bacon, which for some reason still isn’t considered its own food group, is just the thing a growing newborn needs. So here’s to hoping that J&D, aka Justin and Dave, come to their senses and try and find a way to make this product a reality. It happened with ThinkGeek’s Tauntaun sleeping bag, and that doesn’t even smell like bacon!

[ J&D’s Bacon Baby Formula ] VIA [ FAIL Blog ]

  • franco1975

    Bacon flavoured milk sounds kinda gross! On a side note: what is Andrew's diet like for him to think bacon favoured milk seem appetising???

  • Jessicat

    I bought sample pack from them and have to say, it's not an overwhelming bacon flavor, but a nice hint, like it was cooked with, not topped with. I don't think this is necessary for new borns. Now don't get me wrong it's a cute April fools joke, but not something I'd like to see.

  • franco1975

    Are you serious? Didnt realise it was a real physical product??

  • Jessicat

    No, I bought one of their sample packs (the bacon salts they offer). Sorry for not separating the two thoughts.

  • Monique

    There's SERIOUSLY an actual, physical, purchasable product? Wow. If this is just an April Fool's gag, that's commitment. :o)

  • enrolled agent exam

    There's SERIOUSLY an actual, physical, purchasable product? Wow. If this is just an April Fool's gag, that's commitment. :o)

  • Baby Pouches

    Looks like this is not healthy for babies.