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OhGizmo! Review and Giveaway: The HP Touchsmart 600-1055, Part 1

OhGizmo! Review and Giveaway: The HP Touchsmart 600-1055, Part 1


By David Ponce

HP was kind enough to send us an HP Touchsmart 600-1055 to review. They asked us to determine whether their offering could become an “Entertainment Hub”. It’s a lofty goal, one that’s shared by pretty much anyone these days. Microsoft and Sony certainly are trying hard with their Xbox and PS3, but HP’s approach is different. These were their exact words:

[We’d like you] to see if the TouchSmart PC is deserving of being called an โ€œEntertainment Hub.โ€ In addition to serving as a touch-enabled desktop PC, the TouchSmart can stand in place of several entertainment devices like a DVD player, TV, Blu-Ray Player, etc. It also has an HD widescreen display, TV Tuner, game console connectivity and several new built-for-touch applications from Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Rhapsody and more.

In order to do this, we’re going to split up this review into three pieces. Today, we look at the Touchsmart 600 being used as a TV/PVR, in Part 2 as a DVD/BluRay player and Part 3 as a CD/Digital Music Player/Stereo player.

Don’t feel like reading or watching my video? No problem, here’s the verdict: as a TV to play Xbox in HD on, without HDMI? Not so much. As a TV and a PVR? Absolutely.

Read on for all the details and to find out how to win your own!


First, a few words about the hardware itself. The Touchsmart 600 is an all-in-one with a FullHD 23 inch capacitive touchscreen. This particular model has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P7450, 4GB of RAM and a 750GB hard drive. Check the links below for a PDF with all the specs.

The build is solid and appealing. In front you have two stainless steel legs and a rear stand with a rubber pivot that makes swiveling the entire device left and right easier. On the right you have the slot-loading BluRay drive as well as a volume rocker and a multimedia card reader. On the left, behind a plastic panel, you have connections. Relevant to the TV/PVR question, you have S-Video, Cable, HDMI and composite inputs… But no component! So as an owner of a non-Elite Xbox, I was unable to play it in high-definition, being left with no component inputs to connect it with. While there are plenty of consoles out there with HDMI, there’s a good chunk without and the omission of component inputs was a bit of a disappointment.

The front facing speakers sound great (more on that in the music review), the included low profile keyboard is adequate and looks appealing, while the mouse is a generic HP-branded optical mouse. Rounding out the important features, you have a center-mounted adjustable webcam on the top bezel, which swivels up or down through a back mounted switch.

touchsmart 600 side

Does it work as a PVR?

So… How does it fare as a TV/PVR? To access this feature, you have to launch the Touchsmart suite of applications. This is the heart of this PC and is what makes it possible to use its touch interface. Without it, you’d have Windows 7. Whatever anyone tells you, like any previous version of Windows, it wasn’t really designed with touch use in mind. Fingers are just too darn big for whatever you might try to do. The Touchsmart suite fixes that. It creates an environment that sits on top of Windows and “touch-enables” its functionality. That said, it has some design flaws that aren’t really important, but indicative of a lack of design consistency. For instance, when setting up the TV tuner card, one is presented with a drop-down list of residence countries. Since you’re in the Touchsmart suite of applications at this moment, you’re fully expecting to be able to do everything with your fingers… Expect it’s impossible to scroll this list without using the mouse. Flicking up or down does nothing except choose a country you don’t actually reside in. Weird, but not that hard to fix in an update (reading this, HP?).

Once setup, the tuner card will scan for available channels. When done, you’re presented with a list of stations, which you can select by simply touching. When selected, a preview of that channel will pop up on the top right. If you want to watch, touch the preview and maximize the image. The rest is standard PVR functionality. Pause live TV, fast forward to Live (pleasantly, there is a scroll button that allows you to choose the exact spot you’d want to forward to) or press the record button and… record. Once recorded, your clip (or full show, or whatever) can be accessed under the Recordings tab. Everything works as you’d expect from a personal video recorder and the interface is intuitive enough that you don’t get lost.

A side note. I don’t have cable. Being online at all times, I see no use for it. So I connected the Touchsmart 600 (and its integrated Tuner card) to an old fashioned wire antenna. Yeah, we still have analog up here. But one downside of this setup is that I was unable to configure the Electronic Program Guide. Had I done so, I’m assuming I’d have been able to schedule a recording in advance. This is something I did not try, but assume it works.

So, to conclude, the Touchsmart 600-1055 works just fine as a TV or a Personal Video Recorder. If you’re lucky enough to own a console with HDMI output, you can play games no problem. Own an Xbox without it? Get used to SDtv…

And it will pause and record live TV just fine.

Pros (Part 1):
+ Will record and pause live TV.
+ Integrated HDTV Tuner card.
+ Touch interface works great for this purpose

Cons (Part 1):
– Does not come with component inputs
– Minor software design inconsistencies

How do you win your own?
Alright, so HP’s giving one of these away to our readers. It’s the same one we’ve been reviewing: The HP Touchsmart 600-1055, valued at $1,500 (full specs in PDF below). To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, or any of the follow up articles. It’s open to Canada and the US. And it will end 48 hours after we post Part 3 of this review. So keep your eyes peeled, and comment away.

Oh and if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer. And yes, this counts as entering.

[ Touchsmart 600 Specs (Warning, PDF) ]


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    Insofar as it is a TV, is watching internet tv an easy process? It seems that it would given the keyboard, but that would seem to defeat the point of the touch screen. Which is also to ask, if you have a mouse and a keyboard, why would one bother reaching one's hand up to touch the screen?
    As a request for the next part of the review, I hope you can address weather it is possible to record/rip movies (that one presumably owns) onto the hard drive. Thanks.

  3. jsteinberg says:

    As a TV, I wondering how well it works for watching internet TV. It seems like one would need the keyboard and mouse to do so effectively, but that begs the question, why have the touch screen if one is going to have a mouse. To me, it seems that at no point other than possibly the music player I would want to touch my screen over using a remote mouse or keyboard. Furthermore, if one's using the device as an all in one screen, why would one want to be continuously smudging it? Which is to say, other than novelty, why the touch screen?
    On a different note, it would be appreciated that if the next part of the review covers how well if at all it is able to record/rip movies (that one presumably owns) onto the hard drive. Thanks.

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  21. dabbith says:

    I've got the previous 22″ version without HDMI in and Blu Ray. I really love it. Most of Windows 7 is pretty touchable, and Windows Media Center definitely works well with touch. I really wish my version had the VESA wall mount that the new version has. The off angle (vertical) viewing was not so good, so if I try to lie down and watch it's difficult since you can't angle the screen down.

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    Don't trust HP anymore. ๐Ÿ™ $1500 laptop serviced twice for bad GPU, they won't fix bump in middle of keyboard, two big dead pixels and noisy DVD drive (still has warranty). My HP Slimline HDD died after 13 months and a month later the GPU fan got super loud! No extended warranty.

    This prize is going to batting practice with me!

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    How well does the integration and control between the touchsmart suite and windows? As in being able to control what pictures show up, how music is grouped, how the calendar syncs etc.

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    Great review so far!

    Looks like a solid machine overall. Large touchscreen would be a big plus – good for kids as well as computer shy individuals. Could be more easier to operate – if you can point, you got it made. Good for the beginner as well as the tech savvy.

    Elegant styling meets practical usability. Would love to have one of these around the house.

    I can see it now – after I setup up, will impress the wife.

    Me: Check this out!
    Wife: Oh honey, its so big!
    Me: It gets better baby, go on touch it!
    Wife: Touch it?
    Me: Yup, touch it here and here. See, not so bad.
    Wife: Wow! Its so easy!
    Me: You got it baby! I think I'll let you drive for now.

    OK – get your minds out of the gutter people!

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    No HDMI out. And that's something that I'll address in my coming reviews. It's a problem, in my opinion, but kind of understandable given the intended use of this PC.

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    Hi Jessicat. Well, it's not the fastest system. It's somewhat easy to overload. Sadly

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    While this wasn't the focus of this review, I have to say the integration is adequate. It takes some getting used to, but everything works as it should. More on that later.

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  97. terrypescosolido says:

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  138. jwhys says:

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    This is a great looking PC. It is much better than the worn out laptop I'm using now. Thank you for the opportunity to upgrade.

  167. cancer_grizz says:

    best looking pc i've ever seen. I dont have one myself but would sure like to have one

  168. Bear2Rabbit says:

    Win something cool I couldn't otherwise afford? Yes, please!

  169. mikecady says:

    way better than an Ipad !

    Thank you

  170. tordawgg says:

    That sounds cool that it can be all these different devices. I'm kind of interested in how it holds as BOTH a DVD and Blueray player…

  171. methodicjon says:

    This would be awesome for my kitchen. I'd like to video chat with some far away friends

  172. trevorwatson says:

    I really like the style of this one. It looks like it could be a good space-saver all-in one.

  173. Anonymous says:

    I wantie

  174. ryanj983 says:

    Looking forward to reading the other parts about this one!

  175. matthewdiehl says:

    Clean and simple pros and cons at the end are nice. I have seen it in stores and have played around with it, it is a very cool machine! The toughest decision you have to make if you get one is – where to put it?

  176. Andrew says:

    This is a nice media computer. Fortunately, my Xbox 360 does output HDMI, so I could use it with the Touchsmart's HDMI input.

  177. Super_Chunk says:

    I want!

  178. howling_mad_murdock says:

    That actually looks pretty cool.

  179. Martian_Dude says:

    Looks like an awesome way to browse the net and watch tv.
    Me like ๐Ÿ˜€

  180. jcduda says:

    Beautiful & functional! Love it!

  181. kzemla says:

    I can has computer?

  182. bradgoheen says:

    Look pretty neat to me!

  183. Mike says:

    I have some weird obsession with touchscreens, this looks like fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  184. rabidsquid says:


  185. Kevin Ryan says:

    Very thorough review.

  186. Jessica says:

    This PC looks like a great solution for my family! The screen is a great size, and it looks great for educational games and the Touch menu looks like fun!

  187. matic says:

    These things are pretty great, got to play with one last week. Would definitely simplify my life.

  188. chilepepper says:

    I want to win free stuffs.

  189. Myrith says:

    The physical design does look quite sleek, and the keyboard illumination is especially neat.

    However, I do think this TouchSmart tries to cram in too many features. With the design of the screen, how it sits slightly upward tilting and has touch capability, it seems best placed on a desk and to be used sitting a foot or two away. I think it would be great as a PC, but I wouldn't want to watch TV or play games that close up.

  190. taylorbri says:

    this is the bomb… kaboom

  191. Myrith says:

    The physical design does look quite sleek, and the keyboard illumination is especially neat.

    However, I do think this TouchSmart tries to cram in too many features. With the design of the screen, how it sits slightly upward tilting and has touch capability, it seems best placed on a desk and to be used sitting a foot or two away. I think it would be great as a PC, but I wouldn't want to watch TV or play games that close up.

  192. taylorbri says:

    this is the bomb… kaboom

  193. Charlie Abel says:

    nice, looks like a great media pc…comes with HDMI which is great. I would LOVE to have one of these

  194. I need one of these neqw touchsmart computer, my apt was robbed

  195. Jamie Evans says:

    I have one. My apartment comes with free cable (i do not need a box) ,but the tv tuners will not detect anything other than the local channels .