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GPS Angel Helps You Avoid Red Light Cameras And Speed Traps

GPS Angel Helps You Avoid Red Light Cameras And Speed Traps


By Chris Scott Barr

For years people have been using radar detectors in their cars to avoid expensive speeding tickets. Those are great, but generally won’t protect you from automatic speed cameras and red light cameras. What you need is something with a database of current locations that house such cameras. For that, GPS Angel has released their new V4 Red Light Camera and Speed Camera detector.

The new GPS Angel device uses SiRF Star III GPS technology to pinpoint your location and run it against a database of known speed trap and red light camera locations. It then uses visual and audible alerts to warn you of them. You can even program it to alert you when you’re speeding through school zones, playgrounds and other high-risk areas where you can get penalized further for speeding.


No, this isn’t the first such device of its kind. However, it is the first I’ve seen that doesn’t require a monthly subscription in order to stay updated. Granted, you will have to remove it from your vehicle and connect it to your PC to get the updates. It comes with a rechargeable battery so that you don’t have to run any unnecessary cords, though you can plug it into your car adapter if you wish. You can pick one up now for $129.

VIA [ GPS Angel ]