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Retractable MotionLites Highlight Your Rims

Retractable MotionLites Highlight Your Rims

MotionLite (Images courtesy MotionLite)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve realized that shaking my head over ridiculous aftermarket car accessories serves no other purpose than to strengthen my neck muscles. So if you’ve already dumped thousands of dollars on a set of rims, but are worried that people just aren’t noticing how amazing you are, please don’t let me stop you from spending another $500 on a set of MotionLites, so they’re not missed.

Each kit comes with four of the telescoping lights which install in your wheel wells and retract/extend at the push of a button on the included fob. The remote also allows you to select one of seven different colors depending on your mood, and even strobe the lights for grabbing the maximum amount of attention you can.

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