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Hide Your Cables In The Legs Of This Concept Table

Hide Your Cables In The Legs Of This Concept Table


By Chris Scott Barr

I love technology, but I hate all of the wires that seem to be necessary. Sure, I’ve got wireless keyboards and wireless networking, but there are still plenty of others that get in the way. While we wait for the age of true wireless living, the creative types out there are working on ways to hide the cables. When you’re working on a plain table, it’s tough to discretely run wires. However, one designer thinks that the table itself should hide them for you.

The idea behind this table is quite obvious. Instead of running the cables over the edge of the table, they would go down the hollowed legs. This of course means you’d have four holes in the top of your table, which might put off some people. I think if they included some sort of hole covers, this would be perfect. For now it remains only a concept, unfortunately.

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