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Blue Roses’ “Doubtful Comforts” 3D Music Video Doesn’t Require Special Glasses, Just A Couple Of Aspirins

By Andrew Liszewski

If I learned one thing at CES this year, it’s that someone, somewhere, desperately wants us all to be watching videos and movies in 3D. And I’m not particularly against the idea, it’s just that, like everyone else, I find those damn glasses to be annoying. Thankfully technologies that promise glasses-free 3D are in the works, but until that time I guess this is the best option we have.

Blue Roses’ recent music video for their song Doubtful Comforts was shot using the wiggle stereoscopy technique which has recently given a new life to the animated gif. Directed by Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger, a Berlin based duo known as a nice idea every day, the video alternates back and forth between two cameras which shot each scene from a slightly different perspective. The results aren’t quite as convincing as what James Cameron managed to pull off with Avatar, but every once in a while, when the video isn’t pitch black, there is a slight 3D effect. Though at somewhere just past the 2-minute mark you’ll probably be reaching for a bottle of aspirin as it can be a little hard on the eyes. Let’s just hope this isn’t what Nintendo has in store for us with the 3DS.

[ a nice idea every day – Blue Roses ] VIA [ Laughing Squid ]