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Even I Could Win An Olympic Skating Medal With This Animated Light-Up Costume

LIght Animated Figure Skating (Image courtesy Show Of Light) By Andrew Liszewski

I couldn’t perform a triple salchow to save my life, or even ice skate for that matter, but I just know the judges would be so impressed if I were to step out on the ice wearing this illuminated figure skating costume, they would have no choice but to award me a medal of some sort. Even if it was just the medal for costume awesomeness I just made up.

Of course I don’t know how figure skater Isabella Moro, pictured here at the Crystalline Figure Skating Competition 2010 in Santa Rosa, California did, but I do know her costume, created by ShowOfLight, was probably the most original on the ice that day. At times the light-up panel on the front featured animated sequences reflecting the lyrics in the song she was skating to, and at other times it simply showed random animations which reacted to the sounds and movements of her routine.

Unfortunately the application of this technology seems to have just missed the recent Olympic games, but here’s to hoping that every athlete at the 2014 Sochi games has to wear a light-up costume of some sort. In fact I’m sure their corporate sponsors have a few ideas on what to display.

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