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Build Your Own Keg Stool

Build Your Own Keg Stool

By Chris Scott Barr

There seems to be something in our blood that makes a guy want his own room full of man stuff. We affectionately refer to this room as the Man Cave. Be it in the den, a basement or your garage, any guy is happy to have one of these he can retreat to. Now it’s important to decorate the room with the appropriate furniture to set the mood. If you’re idea of a man cave is a place to drink and watch the game, then I’ve got the perfect stools for you.

Actually, I’ve got the perfect kit to make your own awesome stools. This kit will take any empty keg and transform it into a bar stool. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time, and you’ll have extra seats for all of your buddies. If you don’t have a spare keg lying around, you can always purchase one from the company for an extra $100. The kit by itself is pretty salty though, ringing in at $99.99.

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