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Chevy Volt Inches Closer To Production

Chevy Volt Inches Closer To Production


By Evan Ackerman

Remember back in 2007 when the Chevy Volt was just a wicked looking concept car with the same sort of “sure, we’re going to be producing this in the next 3-5 years” dreams as many other concepts? There have been some changes along the way, certainly, but there are now Volts coming off the assembly lines at GM factories. These particular cars are called “pre-production” since they’ll be tested to make sure the production process is up to snuff, but for all practical purposes, GM is actually producing Volts now, and I for one am impressed.

It remains to be seen, I suppose, whether or not I will remain impressed when GM announces the final pricing for the Volt, which I’m guessing will be a little bit too close to $40,000. They seem to be on track for a late 2010 commercial release, and hopefully production will be such that the non rich and famous like you will be able to buy one in a dealership by early 2011. Me, I’m famous (I write for OhGizmo), so I’m pretty sure they’ll be sending me one for free.


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