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iCade Turns Your iPad Into A Mini Arcade Machine


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve not really been too excited about the iPad, for reasons that I’m not even going to bother listing here. I figure it’s easier to list reasons why I would want to get one of those for myself. So easy in fact, that I only have to name one thing. The iCade.

The iCade is an arcade cabinet accessory for your iPad. Just slide it in, fire up the iCade app and start playing one of the included classic games. There are hundreds to choose from like Dig Dug, Donkey Kong and QBERT. The accessory uses your iPad as the screen, while giving you a joystick and a pair of buttons. You even have the option of selecting one or two players. $150 is a bit salty for an accessory, but would be well worth it.

VIA [ ThinkGeek ]

  • MizAmi

    It’s one of the (seriously awesome) April Fool’s Day items on the site–if the “Availability: 80s” doesn’t give it away, just try clicking on “buy now” and see what happens. I don’t think the iPad has been out long enough to really start off major accessory ports like the iCade, but we can always hope…that, and flood the inboxes of whoever might conceivably develop one of these things ^^

  • Jessicat

    Nope I'm saving my money for their tattoo machine. I <3 thinkgeek.

  • Anonymous

    I was truly heartbroken when I realized what today was after I saw the iCade.

  • Anonymous

    I was truly heartbroken when I realized what today was after I saw the iCade.

  • engfant

    If this is fake it should be real as it's the best idea ever!

  • Mandi

    If this is an April Fool's joke, it shouldn't be!!! This idea is awesome! :o)

  • ChrisScottBarr

    If we're lucky they'll end up actually making something like this, as they have with previous gag products.

  • Frank

    Ditto above comments.


    ?.. ????? ??? ?? ??? ????..^^ ?? ????!!^^


    Nice ICade!!!! I want You!!! ^^

  • iPad Accessories

    I agree with you. but awesome idea!

  • Siu Fai


  • Danny – Kindle Case Blog

    Was this product not an april fools joke? Sweet – now i can buy it.

  • iPad Case Review

    Awesome peice of kit – we just blogged about as one of the most bizarre ipad mods around.