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Water Cooling Lets You Overclock Your Laptop Stand

Water Cooling Lets You Overclock Your Laptop Stand


By Evan Ackerman

There are a couple different types of laptop coolers… Passive ones, that just help air get underneath your laptop, and active ones, that include fans and stuff. New to the “and stuff” category of laptop coolers is this water cooled version, which may or may not be called the F11124-ASL-1.

Now, it would be really nice if somehow this water cooling feature enabled the fan to blow cold air up into your laptop, but that’s not what it does. From what I can gather from the description and the pictures, the heat pump just cools itself, as opposed to your laptop, since the water doesn’t seem to go anywhere near your computer. I guess maybe having a cool laptop pad is better than having a warm laptop pad, but since the heat pump also looks like it manages to block the fan (which otherwise might be doing something useful), I’m left wondering just what exactly all the hullabaloo is about.

There’s no pricing or release date on this thing, but even if there was, I probably wouldn’t buy one until I figured out what it, you know, does.

[ SonData ] VIA [ Everything USB ]

  • franco1975

    I think it works 2 ways. The fan blows downwards like a normal fan based laptop stand sucking hot air away from the laptop. In addition to that when the fan sucks hot air away from the laptop, it also blows through the copper radiator taking additional heat away from the water in the copper coils. The stand is made of aluminum purposely to conduct the heat to the water coils. So in addition to sucking motion…it also blows. Whats not to like?

  • Evan Ackerman

    When I say “heat pump” I'm talking about the entire setup (pump, radiator, tubing) that transfers heat from one location to another. The way you think it works WOULD make sense, but if it's trying to cool the entire stand, why not have more water tubing around more of the area that comes in contact with the laptop? The system just seems restricted to that one little area, which (considering how relatively complicated it is) doesn't seem like it would be that useful.

  • franco1975

    I like the idea but I'lll pass. I'm super clumsy ! One drop and I'm sure I'll wreck the whole water pump thing 🙁

  • Mandi

    Yeah, I'm with you. I can just see myself dropping or bumping this thing and turning the water pump into a laptop swimming pool….

  • Jessicat

    I need a new system for my laptop, mine still heats up with a fan under it.

  • Jessicat

    I need a new system for my laptop, mine still heats up with a fan under it.

  • cheap laptop

    great system for laptop. i want it.

  • Angelina Jolliey

    A water cooling system for the Laptop Stand to the Over-clock is best way to long time work and durable also.

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