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Brinell Purestorage – “The Exclusive Portable Hard Disk”

Brinell Purestorage – “The Exclusive Portable Hard Disk”

Brinell Purestorage (Images courtesy Brinell)
By Andrew Liszewski

Do you value looks over capacity, speed and price point? Then step right up as Brinell has a series of portable drives which they refer to as “the exclusive portable hard disk.” It does seem a little snooty, but with finishes that include wood, chrome, leather, brushed stainless steel and what looks like carbon fiber, that’s exactly the clientele they seem to be going after.

Besides an included microfiber cloth to keep the drives looking their best, there’s not much to talk about in terms of features. They’re your basic USB 2.0 external drive, available in either an XS size which uses a 1.8 inch 160GB drive, or an S size that uses a 2.5 inch 500GB drive. Pricing depends on which finish and size you get, with the least bang for your buck being the XS black chrome & wood version which will set you back about $250 for a mere 160GB.

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