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TV Poltergeist Helps With Your April Fool’s Pranks

TV Poltergeist Helps With Your April Fool’s Pranks


By Chris Scott Barr

April 1st is closing in vast, which means you need to work on your pranking schemes. While putting saran wrap over the toilet bowl is great and all, why not go a little more high-tech this year? There’s nothing more frustrating than a piece of electronics that is going nuts for no apparent reason. Naturally, this makes screwing with someone’s TV even more appealing for your April Fool’s gag.

We’ve all seen the TV-B-Gone, which can be funny for a minute or two. However, it requires user input, which will no doubt get you caught. This year might I suggest trying the TV Poltergeist. Hide this little guy anywhere in the living room (just make sure the LED can be pointed at the TV) and turn it on. Every 5 to 20 minutes the TV will be turned on or off. It will continue to do this until either the batteries die or it is manually turned off. If you can hide it well enough, this prank can last for days! Sounds like $13 well spent to me.

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