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Downloading From Usenet Goes Mainstream

By Binverse Staff

[ The following article is a paid advertisement, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of or its staff. Ed. ]

Usenet’s unparalleled download speeds and massive selection of user uploads has long made it the favorite download network for uber geeks. New software from Binverse is bringing the power of Usenet to the masses by combining an easy to use interface with private and secure access to the Usenet network.

What Makes Usenet So Popular With Geeks

· Blazing Fast Speed – The most striking difference of Usenet compared to other technologies is its blazing fast download speeds. With Usenet instead of downloading from peers you download from enterprise servers over multi gigabyte connections. Because of this, you can literally max out your internet connection, downloading files in minutes that would normally take hours.

· Massive Selection – The amount of user uploads available on Usenet is simply massive. At over 800 terabytes available and increasing daily it is difficult to even visualize the possibilities. The Library of Congress (the largest library in the world) is estimated to only contain 20 Terabytes of data. The massive amount of content available on Usenet ensures that your options are virtually endless.

· Privacy – With other technologies you are forced to upload a file as you download, this makes it almost impossible to remain private. With Usenet you never have to upload a single file, removing a major hurdle to maintaining your privacy.

How Binverse Is Bringing Usenet to the Masses

Traditionally to access and navigate Usenet you needed three main components, a Usenet access provider, Usenet software, and access to a Usenet search engine. Not only did this often cause you to end up paying money to 3 different companies but because the software was built for geeks it required a lot of configuration and a steep learning curve.

Binverse has simplified the way people access Usenet by bundling premium Usenet access with simple and easy to use software that contains a power built in search engine. The software automates previously manual tasks like decompressing and repairing large files and has added the ability to preview audio and video files before you download them. The Binverse service also includes 256 Bit SSL encryption (the same encryption used by banks) to further ensure your privacy and security.

Limited Time Offer: Download 150 Gigabytes FREE

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