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Apple Now Lets You Gift Apps To Your Friends

Apple Now Lets You Gift Apps To Your Friends


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve used PDA’s and smartphones for a very long time, and with each one my biggest complaint was always the software available for it. There were a handful of sites that had some free apps here and there, or I could go to the store and buy something that may or may not be terrible (more often than not it was). Naturally, I find that having the App Store to be one of the most useful parts of owning an iPhone. However, the absence of one feature has always bothered me just a little.

I know a number of people that own iPhones, so we tend to share new apps that we’ve found with each other. I’ve always thought it would be great if I could actually purchase an app as a gift for someone. I do this already with Steam (a digital distribution service for PC games), and it works out rather nicely. Well now Apple has decided to give that capability to its customers. If you click on the drop-down menu next to the “Buy” button, you’ll be able to purchase it as a gift for one of your friends. Before you even ask, no, you can’t gift free apps to people. That would be far too easily abused.

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