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Concept USB Cable Features Built-in Mini Hub

Concept USB Cable Features Built-in Mini Hub


By Chris Scott Barr

When a person starts to run low on USB ports, usually the first thing they get is a hub of some sort. However, instead of adding three extra ports, why not just have one of your cables add a single port. Think of these as similar to a strand of Christmas lights. The ones that had an extra plug-in on top of the one you put into the wall.

These concept cables actually don’t sound like too bad of an idea. Unfortunately they’ll likely only work if you’re using a device which has a standard USB (mini, or micro as well) plug on the other end. I bet if they made an iPod/iPhone charging cable with that extra port, they’d make a fortune. No word on whether or not this concept will make it to store shelves.

[ Yanko ] VIA [ Technabob ]