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Peel-And-Stick Instant Pockets Will Only Appeal To One Type Of Person

Instant Pockets (Image courtesy Solutions)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a simple quiz to determine if you’re the type of person who would be interested in these peel-and-stick Instant Pockets.

Q: Are you a smuggler?

A: No – Please move onto the next post.

A: Yes – A set of 3, made from cotton with adhesive backing on 3 sides and measuring 3¼” X 4”, are available from Solutions for $6.95.

[ Instant Pocket ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

  • melissa

    Peel and stick pockets? Peel and stick. Pockets.

    Say that a couple of times, out loud. See if you think it's as useless and ridiculous as I do. :o)

  • Jessicat

    So does it stick to skin?

  • Jessicat

    So does it stick to skin?