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Casio VL-10 VL-Tone Mini Synthesizer Keyboard

Casio VL-10 VL-Tone Mini Synthesizer Keyboard

Casio VL-10 VL-Tone Mini Synthesizer Keyboard (Images courtesy MATRIXSYNTH)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t know the first thing about making music, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting over cool looking retro music gear. Now sadly the original eBay auction for this Casio VL-10 VL-Tone mini synth has ended, but according to Retro Thing, back in the 80’s this was one of the smallest synthesizers, if not the smallest, you could get your hands on.

This Casio VL-10 is even smaller than its famous brother, the original VL-Tone. It includes the same cheesy sounds and 29-button chicklet keyboard, along with convenient calculator functionality so you can double-check your record company royalty payments.

Both VL-Tones feature five awful monophonic sounds (basically the same square wave bleep with different amplitude envelopes), a sixth programmable “ADSR” synth mode, and 10 drum rhythms that should be perfect for accompanying your next smash-hit waltz or bossanova.

It goes without saying that such a device could be easily replicated on any smartphone these days, but it just wouldn’t have the same charm without the VL-10’s faux-brushed aluminum finish. Oh and I’ve included a video if it in action, but after the jump this time.

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