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Yoshi Tongue Scarf

Yoshi Tongue Scarf

Yoshi Tongue Scarf (Image courtesy ShadowsInTheNyte)
By Andrew Liszewski

If it wasn’t pushing 60°F where I live, I’d be all over this Yoshi tongue scarf, created by Etsy seller ShadowsInTheNyte. It’s 72.5 inches long, made from 100% acrylic yarn and features Yoshi’s head on one end, from which his red tongue protrudes. Normally the scarf is $45 but since it’s been making the rounds online over the past few days it’s already sold out. So here’s to hoping more are on the way. (Insert that Yoshi sound effect that’s easy to mimic but impossible to type.)

[ Etsy – Yoshi Scarf (Mario Bros Series, Yoshi Series) ] VIA [ That Girl’s Site & ALBOTAS ]