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PETA-Friendly Bear Skin Rug

PETA-Friendly Bear Skin Rug

Bear Hunter Rug (Image courtesy Lise Lefebvre)
By Andrew Liszewski

Always wanted a bear skin rug but were worried about the wrath of PETA? Or maybe you just haven’t been able to nail down a single motif for your living room renovation? Either way, Lise Lefebvre’s Barenjager or ‘Bear Hunter’ rug is an almost stylish cross between having a rustic bear skin on your floor, or an elaborate Persian rug. The carpet itself is made from wool, while the bear’s head is a combination of wood, glass eyes and a plastic mouthpiece complete with faux teeth. There’s no pricing info on her site though, which in this case means it’s probably not for sale.

[ 360SEE – Barenjager or Bear Hunter Rug ] VIA [ Freshome ]