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DIY Kits For Turning A Standard Wacom Tablet Into A ‘Cintiq’

DIY Kits For Turning A Standard Wacom Tablet Into A ‘Cintiq’

TabletMod (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve ever lusted over one of Wacom’s LCD/tablet Cintiqs, but could never justify the $1,000+ price tag, perhaps $220-240 plus a little bit of elbow grease might seem like an affordable compromise. is currently selling a DIY kit that turns a small collection of Wacom tablets, like the Intuos2 9×12, the Intuos3 A4 or the Intuos4 Large into fully functional Cintiq-like devices, minus all the polish and anti-fingerprint magic of the real thing.

The whole conversion process looks a little intense, and I’ll be honest, when you factor in the price of a large Wacom tablet, the kit itself, and the extra hardware you’ll need to buy like a laptop LCD display which isn’t included, you’re probably better off to just spring for one of the lower-end Cintiqs, instead of voiding a whole whack of warranties.

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