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Corner’s Communication Concept Keeps Collisions Under Control

Corner’s Communication Concept Keeps Collisions Under Control

Corner's Communication (Image courtesy Lee Sanghoon)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t know if it’s my gung-ho personality, always driving forward at top speed, but I’m pretty sure I’m involved in far more than my fair share of corner collisions with random strangers. So while the idea of seeing this Corner’s Communication device installed on every blind corner in the country some day is a little far-fetched, I still like it. It’s nothing more than a motion sensitive alarm that lights up and emits a warning sound when someone is about to round a corner, giving the person on the other side a heads-up so they can avoid an embarrassing collision.

The idea did win a Red Dot Design Concept Award, so there might be some interest in seeing it become a real product, but like I said, you probably shouldn’t count on seeing them on every corner one day.

[ Corner’s Communication ] VIA [ Yanko Design ]