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Make Your Own Animated Pong Clock

Make Your Own Animated Pong Clock


By Chris Scott Barr

While not the first video game in existence, Pong was the first widely-successful video game and is responsible for kick-starting the video game industry. It’s natural to want to pay homage to this gaming legacy in a variety of ways. We’ve seen a few Pong clocks in the past, but this is the first DIY kit I can recall coming across.

Not only does this purchase net you a cool clock that will make you the envy of your geeky friends, but it gives you a fun little project. It’s a fairly simple kit that even a beginner should be able to tackle in 2-3 hours. There’s just something about the satisfaction you get when you assemble something like this on your own (even if it did come from a kit). The going rate for one of these is $80, but unfortunately you’ll have to be patient. It looks like everyone else wanted one to, as they’re currently sold out.

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