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DoomBOX Handheld Gaming Rig Uses Keyboard Keys

DoomBOX Handheld Gaming Rig Uses Keyboard Keys

DoomBOX (Image courtesy The DashFest)
By Andrew Liszewski

So what do you do with a Kodak DC290 digital camera with a broken lens? Throw it out? Of course not! Since the camera is already running the Digita OS, which has a wide variety of apps and games ported to it (including MAME) you do what JJ Dasher did and turn it into a portable gaming rig that exclusively runs Doom. Of course the camera’s button layout isn’t exactly tailored to playing Doom, so JJ went the extra mile to create his own button board using keys from a vintage PC keyboard.

The end result isn’t pocket-friendly, is kind of chunky and it isn’t going to win any beauty pageants, but still manages to be an awesome hack.

[ The DashFest – The DoomBOX ] VIA [ Hack a Day ]