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Crumpled City All Weather Maps

Crumpled City All Weather Maps

Crumpled City All Weather Maps (Image courtesy Emanuele Pizzolorusso)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now I use Google Maps on my iPhone as much as the next person, but sometimes finding directions on a touchscreen, aqua-phobic, battery-sucking device isn’t the most convenient way to find your way around a strange city. A while ago we brought you the fabMAPs from Rand McNally which were crumple-friendly maps printed on microfiber cloth, but I think I prefer these Crumpled City maps created by Emanuele Pizzolorusso instead.

Unlike a traditional paper map which can be awkward to deal with, the Crumpled City maps can be easily crammed in your pocket, backpack or their own carrying pouch, without having to worry about properly re-folding it along the crease lines. And since the Crumpled City maps are printed on Tyvek, an engineered fabric used as a moisture barrier in house construction, they’ll easily shrug off the worst mother nature can throw at them. Best of all, they’re not just a design concept, but are actually in production and will hopefully be available in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Berlin versions soon.

[ Emanuele Pizzolorusso – Crumpled City ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]