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i-tab – It Turns Out There’s An App For That Too (It’s Called TabToolkit)

i-tab – It Turns Out There’s An App For That Too (It’s Called TabToolkit)

TabToolkit (Image courtesy Agile Partners)
By Andrew Liszewski

On Friday we brought you the i-tab which was a 5-inch touchscreen device I described as a “sort of musical teleprompter for guitar players.” It came complete with an online store allowing users to download new tabs, but with a price tag of $199 I wondered if the same thing couldn’t have been done on the iPhone or iPod Touch with a simple app, and a more reasonable price tag.

Well shortly after writing that post the good people at Agile Partners dropped us a line to let us know that the same thing does exist for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with their TabToolkit app. And the fact that it’s written by the same people behind the excellent and highly recommended GuitarToolkit doesn’t hurt either. With a price tag of just $9.99 available on the iTunes App Store right now, TabToolkit is useful for musicians learning songs on a wide variety of instruments, and includes other features like an audio synthesis engine for recreating the sounds of other instruments playing along, and the ability to upload your own tabs to the app, or download them from websites through its built-in web browser.

Of course it doesn’t come with a handy accessory for clipping your iPhone or iPod Touch to your guitar’s headstock like the i-tab, but that seems like a minor trade-off given the considerable difference in price.

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