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LG GW990 – The First MeeGo Smartphone

LG GW990 – The First MeeGo Smartphone


By Gaurav Kheterpal

A few days ago at the 2010 Mobile World Congress, Intel and Nokia announced that they are joining hands to launch a new hybrid mobile operating system named ‘MeeGo’. MeeGo will inherit the best of both worlds from Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Mobilin operating systems and will join the crowded war of mobile operating systems including the likes of Android, Symbian, iPhone OS and the recently launched Windows Phone 7 Series.

LG has announced that its GW990 would be the first ever smartphone to run on the MeeGo platform. For a start, the LG LG990 will be available in Korea during the second half of this year. It is expected to be available in other countries by end of this year.

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6 responses to “LG GW990 – The First MeeGo Smartphone”

  1. EspritOuvert says:

    It looks huge!

  2. Jessicat says:

    It is a bit long, but I'm always going to be a flip phone type of girl I suppose.

  3. SubHero says:

    That's what she s… oh wait, this isn't Engadget!

  4. EspritOuvert says:

    Haha I couldn't think of a less “that's what she said” way to say it…it went through my mind as well

  5. landseo says:

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  6. landseo says:

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