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Eddie’s Son Hologram Suspension Lamp

Eddie’s Son Hologram Suspension Lamp

Eddie's Son Hologram Suspension Lamp (Image courtesy Panik Design)

The Panik Design website is a little vague about how this hologram suspension lamp actually works (or who Eddie’s son is) but if the illustration is to be believed, it hangs from your ceiling and either projects a hologram of a light bulb onto a flat surface below (unlikely) or it makes it appear as if there’s a glowing pink light bulb floating inside the shade in mid-air (more likely). Either way, it better do something cool since they’re asking almost $1,600 (£1,020) for it. And I guess smokers might want to pass on this one since the website cautions that “Direct sunlight and nicotine may reduce the hologram’s life span.” Technically that applies to humans too.

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