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Doodle Track Cars – Goodbye And Good Riddance To Slot Cars!

Doodle Track Cars – Goodbye And Good Riddance To Slot Cars!

Doodle Track Cars (Images courtesy Popular Science & Daydream Toy)
By Andrew Liszewski

I loved playing with slot cars as a kid, but the first hour or so after digging them out of the cupboard was always spent rubbing down the track with steel wool to clear the metal rails of corrosion so the cars would actually run. To a kid, that borders a little too close to work, so as much as I loved slotcars, they didn’t see a lot of playtime. And for that same reason I’m really digging this Doodle Track Car which basically does the same thing as a slotcar, but by following a black line on a piece of paper instead.

Doodle Track Cars (Image courtesy Daydream Toy)

So, you can either sketch out a course by hand on a large roll of paper, or even better, you can use the track creator on the Doodle Track Car website to design a more professional looking course, which can then be easily printed out on multiple pieces of paper. After that it just takes a few minutes with a roll of scotch tape before you’re off to the races! Now the fact that the Doodle Track Car isn’t controllable (from what I can tell) is a big downside, since it essentially removes the ‘race’ part of slotcar racing, but that’s also probably why each car will also only set you back $14.99.

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