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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Start Small With R/C Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Start Small With R/C Cars


By Evan Ackerman

In what may be (but probably isn’t) a sign of things to come, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has released a miniature hydrogen fuel cell power system designed specifically for R/C cars. It’s a complete power system for higher end hobby cars, and optionally comes with an entire solar powered fuel infrastructure that uses solar or wind power to turn water into hydrogen, which gets stored in special solid state cartridges. So, it’s sort of like this thing, except in a kit that can be installed on your own R/C car (or anything else).

There aren’t too many specs on performance (beyond a capacity of 12Wh, or 3-4 times the endurance of conventional batteries), but since all a hydrogen fuel cell does is create electricity, it’s not going to be like a nitro car, but it should perform just about the same as any battery powered system, and it looks like it does:

A hydrogen powered R/C car might be way less convenient than gas or batteries, but it is the future, and a microcosm of the whole hydrogen fuel situation in normal size cars, so at least you can feel good about that. Or something.

The kit starts shipping March 15, price TBA.

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