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Live Checking Cards: Watch Your Bills, Honey!


By Gaurav Kheterpal

The Live Checking Card represent a very interesting concept – it displays the accumulated spending amount on your card after every purchase. Clearly, the concept itself is nothing short of a nightmare for wives and girlfriends as it displays real time information of their shopping adventures. The underlying technology behind Live Checking Cards is e-ink, which checks your purchase history and matches them up with the bank account transactions using RFID. Pretty neat, I’d say.

While it’s a blessing in disguise for most husbands and boyfriends, the Live Checking Card could have fairly serious implications on your love life, if not used carefully. On the other hand, it’s a handy way to keeping your expenses in check and ensuring that you are not heading for a credit disaster.

I’m pretty sure that there would be no shortage of husbands and boyfriends lining up to buy these cards once and if the concept is implemented.

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