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White Goat Machine Chews Up TPS Reports, Spits Out Toilet Paper

By Evan Ackerman

It’s nice that paper can be recycled, but usually you don’t get to experience the end result of that recycling process in a direct and immediate manner. Not this direct of a manner, anyway. This machine is called White Goat, and if you feed it 40 sheets of waste paper, it will produce a roll of toilet paper. The entire process, start to finish, is completely contained within the machine: it shreds the paper, dissolves it in water, dries it out, and winds it into rolls that are probably not huggably soft. Total cost? A mere 10 cents a roll, although the entire White Goat machine (which goes on sale this summer) will cost about $100,000.

And just in case you were wondering (although I’m sure you weren’t wondering), according to the resident OhGizmo livestock expert, for only $120 or so you can get an angora goat (plus a friend, since goats need company) who will eat a newspaper’s worth of waste paper every day (along with other food, of course) and produce cashmere, with which you can make what is surely the most luxurious toilet paper known to man. The actual goat won’t work as well in an office environment, but it does produce a bunch of free fertilizer, will pull a small cart, and if it dies on you, you can eat it.

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