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CoolIT Launches Universal GPU Liquid Cooling System

CoolIT Launches Universal GPU Liquid Cooling System


By Chris Scott Barr

It’s no surprise that liquid cooling is growing in popularity, as your computer can realize greater potential while generally running much quieter than with traditional air cooling. We’ve seen a number of offerings from CoolIT, who have really shaken things up with their simple all-in-one CPU cooling systems. These have been great because not only are they simple to setup, but they tend to be compatible with most CPU platforms that are still in use today. Unfortunately if you want to apply the same great cooling solutions to your graphics card, you’ll be forced to buy an entire solution aimed at your specific card. When you go to upgrade, you’ll need to buy a brand new cooler as well. This is something that CoolIT has finally addressed with their OMNI A.L.C. system.

The system is comprised of three parts. First you have the universal OMNI water block, which essentially does all of the work. Second you have a universal liquid plate, which keeps the cooling liquid flowing over the interposer plate. This third piece is what attaches directly to your graphics card. Since they have made the interposer plate separate from the actual liquid plate, you can simply switch this piece out when you decide to upgrade your graphics card.


While talking with them back at CES, CoolIT assured me that they would be offering a wide variety of interposer plates for current GPUs and new ones as they come out. Unfortunately we’re still waiting to hear how much the setup will cost. They stressed that the individual interposer plates would be priced reasonably, so that your investment will quickly pay off as you upgrade your video cards.

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