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Fish Tank Friday: Don’t Put Your Fish In Here

Fish Tank Friday: Don’t Put Your Fish In Here


By Evan Ackerman

We’ve all got an old fish tank lying around in the garage from our childhood, and Puget Systems has a pretty good idea of what can be with it. They’re selling a complete DIY kit to submerge your entire computer (except for the drives, of course) in a fish tank full of mineral oil. Since mineral oil is non-conductive to electricity but a good conductor of heat, it makes for a much better cooling solution than air, allowing you to overlock your hardware to the maxxx… A backpack of sorts pumps the oil past a bunch of fans to transfer heat out of the tank.

You can get other liquid cooling systems that are a little bit more integrated into a case, but then you have to worry about leakage and stuff, and anyway, it’s far less dramatic. The tank with the external cooling system will run you about $290; you provide your own fish tank, aquarium rocks, and bubbler. You can also get the system with a tank for about $500.

[ Puget Systems ] VIA [ Tom’s Hardware ]


8 responses to “Fish Tank Friday: Don’t Put Your Fish In Here”

  1. ojone87 says:

    wow seriously guys? this is way old news, i seen the video puget has of them making there first one and loved it so i ended up doing one myself. with my experience the oil hardens the wires in the system to a point where the plastic coating dosnt bend anymore it breaks. without any kind of radiator the oil gets hot pretty quickly. within id say 1-2 hrs. the comp i used was just a regular old desktop compaq to. after about 3 months my computer stopped working alltogether, never found out why. im not saying it was the oil that messed it up but i wont do this again.

    i did all this in 2008

  2. decembersun says:

    It would be cooler if, at the bottom of the tank, there was a little treasure chest that popped open every now and then the blow out bubbles…

  3. fronten says:

    the link to pugetsystems gives us the information that this particular aquarium is for 'low end systems', and still needs 4 BIG radiators.

    so where is the need to oil-'cool' a low end system?
    i bet one of the 4 fans alone would do better..

  4. Zotel says:

    I can't decide whether the fire hazard or the mess hazard terrifies me more…

  5. Martin Murd says:

    I'd say that it looks cool, but i would not want one to myself. I am having precious little space on my table as it is πŸ™‚

  6. Jessicat says:

    I love custom cases and mods.

  7. aquariums says:

    Set up looks really cool, nice custom case and lights.

  8. aquariums says:

    Set up looks really cool, nice custom case and lights.