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Leisure Eyes Cover

Leisure Eyes Cover


By Evan Ackerman

Is it just me, or is Brando lately somehow managing to make stuff that is just as weird as we’ve seen from them for the past few years, but actually more useful than ever? Not that “ever” is the greatest standard of comparison for Brando, but still… This “Leisure Eyes Cover” is a big soft blindfold of sorts with integrated speakers. You slip it on, tighten the elastic band, and then lie back and enjoy one of three different kinds of maddeningly repetitive nature sounds or you can plug in your own audio source via a 3.5mm jack. Soft controls are located on the outside of the mask, and the setup is powered by a couple AA batteries.

Despite its rather strange appearance, this thing might be kinda nice to have for car trips, air travel, commuting, watching cable news, or any other time where maximum sensory deprivation is preferable. It comes in one of three reprehensible colors for only $16.

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