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Mattel’s Puppy Tweets Is A Sure Sign It’s Time To Bail On Twitter

Mattel’s Puppy Tweets Is A Sure Sign It’s Time To Bail On Twitter

Puppy Tweets (Image courtesy Mattel)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not saying that man’s best friend was the reason MySpace became ‘uncool’, but now that dogs will be able to tweet their comings and goings with a little help from Mattel, I think it might be time to say goodbye to Twitter and move on to the next social media fad.

Puppy Tweets, which is officially being announced at next month’s Toy Fair in New York, is a small sound and motion sensor equipped device that is worn on a dog’s collar and translates their barks or activities into Twitter posts. It communicates with a receiver that connects to your PC as I understand it, and only posts ‘pre-recorded’ tweets based on what the dog is doing. So if they’re being particularly active a tweet saying “I finally caught that tail I’ve been chasing and…OOUUUCHH!” might get posted. Yeah… hi-larious.

As frivolous pet accessories go this one definitely ranks at the top of the list, though when it’s available this Fall it will have an MSRP of just $29.99, putting it near the border of inexpensive novelties.

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