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Clamshell Style Portable Projector

Clamshell Style Portable Projector

Clamshell Style Portable Projector (Image courtesy Uxsight)
By Andrew Liszewski

I know I should never judge a book by its cover, but I feel confident that I can judge a projector by its price. Which is why I’m probably going to pass on this clamshell style portable projector available from Uxsight which sells for just $51.69. I mean I’d like to judge it on its technical merit, but how am I supposed to do that when the ‘Product Details’ only include the following:

– This is a home projector, the design is simple and generous, “content” plentiful, it is the enjoyment of life, the artwork in the spare time.
– The people are the centre for its design ideal, designed with slot cover, it helps to shield the ugly for many jack sockets; the bottom with leather socket which protect camera’s lens from scratch and bring out its elegant on the decoration. Electronic start up button, soft touch controlled.
– The color adopt black and white combined, glittering and translucent, give out special charms and life taste.

Besides, any time I’ve bought any type of device that gave out “special charms and life taste” I’ve always paid well over $100, so I think they might be trying to pull a fast one here.

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