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Modell-Lichtsysteme Lighting Kits For Your 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Models

Modell-Lichtsysteme Lighting Kits For Your 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Models

Modell-Lichtsystem Lighting Kits (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

If you think people spending thousand of dollars to add LED lighting systems to their cars is a bit absurd, then you might want to look away. According to a thread on the forums by ‘Big Windy’, a German by the name of Jakob Michel runs a private business called ‘Modell-Lichtsysteme’ which retrofits die-cast 1:18 scale model cars with complete lighting systems including everything from dashboards to headlights, taillights and turn signals, to even interior trunk lights if you so desire.

The full package installed on Big Windy’s BMW M3 model (pictured above) which includes interior and exterior lighting cost about $254, or 180 Euros, but cheaper packages that add just interior or just exterior lights are also available. I have to admit the attention to detail seen in the video I’ve included below is phenomenal, particularly given the car is less than a foot in length, but such luxury is just too rich for my blood. I guess any 1:18 scale drivers who take my models out for a spin will have to stick to well lit streets and highways.

[ – Modell-Lichtsysteme M3 & Modell-Lichtsysteme’s YouTube Channel ] VIA [ Autoblog ]