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Big Trak – An Icon Of 80’s Toy Supremacy – To Be Reborn

Big Trak – An Icon Of 80’s Toy Supremacy – To Be Reborn

Big Trak (Images courtesy Pocket-lint)
By Andrew Liszewski

I never actually owned one, but the Big Trak (or Bigtrak for our European readers) is one of those toys that makes me long for the 80’s and what I consider to be the glory days of toys. (Yep, I’ve reached that age when things were definitely better when I was a kid.) The 6-wheeled Big Trak featured a displayless keypad on the back that let you program up to 16 different commands like go forward x number of lengths, pause and turn left or right x number of degrees. By today’s standards its functionality is a bit limited, but I’d wager that kids would still have fun with it.

And thanks to the company that brought back the Stylophone, today’s kids will have their chance to play with one! The new version will be known as Bigtrak Jr. and while it won’t be that different from the original model, it will be able to recall up to 32 different programs. It will also have an optional digital camera and rocket launcher accessory, though the latter won’t be available until 2011. The Bigtrak Jr., however, should be available this Summer for around $48 (£29.99) while the digital camera will be an extra $24 (£15).

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