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Piece Of Art Sells Itself On eBay

Piece Of Art Sells Itself On eBay


By Evan Ackerman

Want this piece of art? It can be yours, since it’s for sale on eBay. Always. Called “A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter,” this black box has some software inside it plus an internet connection. Every 10 minutes, the box checks eBay to see if it’s currently listed for sale. If not, it creates an auction for itself that starts at the price it was last auctioned for. If you win the auction, you’re agreeing to a contract between you an the artist where you promise to connect the box to the internet when you get it, and then send it along to whoever wins the next auction. You do get to keep the money, at least.

People say that art is a good investment, and if you’re looking for something with a quicker than normal turnaround, you can follow the current auction of the piece here.

[ Caleb Larsen ] VIA [ Make ]