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EntroSys Air Conditioning For Motorcycles

EntroSys Air Conditioning For Motorcycles


By Evan Ackerman

You’ve got a motorcycle. It’s hot out. Do you put on a t-shirt and ride around like a comfortable badass, or put on a protective suit and ride around like someone who wears a protective suit to ride around on motorcycles and is also really freakin’ hot a lot of the time? Now, thanks to an Israeli company called EntroSys, you can have all of that at once, except for the badass part. Oh well.

The EntroSys BikeAir-1 is a little air conditioner and heater that sits on the cargo area of your motorcycle and plugs into the 12v outlet, complete with a controller that clips to the handlebars. There’s a tube that comes out of it that pumps either cold or warm air through a special vest that you wear underneath your gear. If you have motorcycle or a scooter (or even if you don’t just think of the possibilities!), you’re probably wondering how much this thing goes for, and so am I: there’s no price listed yet, but if you pre-order one, you can get 20% off! …Of …Whatever it is.

Look for the system to be available sometime this summer.

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