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I’m Lovin’ It – Free Wi-Fi At 11,500 McDonald’s Locations

I’m Lovin’ It – Free Wi-Fi At 11,500 McDonald’s Locations


By Chris Scott Barr

I do my best to avoid McDonald’s whenever I can. No, it has nothing to do with eating healthy or anything like that. Rather, I spent the better part of my teenage years working at one of those fine establishments and as a result have had enough of their food to last a lifetime. I will say that I now have a good reason to visit the golden arches; the free Wi-Fi.

On Friday McDonald’s opened up their Wi-Fi connections at 11,500 of their 14,000 US stores. That means there’s a good chance you’ll have unlimited free internet at your local McDonald’s restaurant. If you want to be absolutely sure before packing up your laptop and heading out, you can double-check which stores in your area are giving away free internets using their handy online tool.

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8 responses to “I’m Lovin’ It – Free Wi-Fi At 11,500 McDonald’s Locations”

  1. williamryan says:

    Also be sure you have some battery left on your laptop before heading out. In several of the stores near me there are absolutely zero plugs available for power. An employee pointed me to one in the “play land” area but there was no table near it to sit at and surf.

  2. plantcityguy says:

    I think McDonald's has done the right thing – for themselves and their customers. But I have two comments:

    1. Many of the McDonald's Restaurant facilities have few, if any, electrical outlets for their laptop users.
    2. Some franchise owners do not seem to be buying into the free internet plan. I heard one say the other day that he didn't want people “sitting around all day, taking up space.”

  3. Aperd1 says:

    Yup another public service and boost for the business, yes indeed most of Mc D, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and also KFC are indeed providing free wifi services on their outlet. In my country they are stepping forward.

    Good or bad you'll be the judge as it has the pro' and cons a this does bring in alot of teenager's in. What you think?

  4. seo services says:

    Lets see whether it will work seriously or not. Mc. have to provide a separate space for this facilit, if someone wants to surf in the outlets.

  5. franco1975 says:

    Alot of McDonald's in Australia and Asia have had free wifi since 2 years ago [ some even have a smoking section] and a more mature cafe look with a selection of gourmet coffee to attract young professionals who flock to Starbucks. From what I can tell, it has been a success. At around tea time, there are working professionals there having coffee and using the internet. However, they do lack power outlets . Other customers will give you the evil eye when you use the power outlets because they want to use it too. [Screw them I say!] Sometimes, when I have to meet clients, I meet them at these cafe alike Mcdonalds because its easy to find and I can access the internet if I need connection.
    KFC has also started free wifi 24/7 I think.

  6. ballogie says:

    Oh do keep up! I've been dripping Big Mac sauce on my netbook wirelessly for 3 years now in Scotland

  7. Jessicat says:

    So it will be a Panera bread store? People buying coffee/tea/a drink and sit there forever.

  8. Jessicat says:

    So it will be a Panera bread store? People buying coffee/tea/a drink and sit there forever.