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Boxee To Roll Out Payment System In Summer

Boxee To Roll Out Payment System In Summer

boxee-logo-paidBy David Ponce

Fans of Boxee will apparently have the option to pay for content this summer, as the company has recently announced that they are working on a one-click payment system. Of course, Boxee built its name over the fact that it made it nearly idiot-proof to watch content downloaded for free. Or perhaps more appropriately “created” by you… though let’s not kid ourselves, most of us use it for torrents. Still, there’s definitely a place for paid content since not everything is available, nor is everything conveniently downloaded. Think live sporting events for example. Boxee claims they will take a cut from these payments, though “lower than the 30% charged by many app stores”. They are currently working on deals with content providers.

The company was recently in the news with the announcement of the Boxee Box, a hardware media player built by D-Link, which will be available this year. We saw it at CES and were impressed. Here’s hoping that this new push into paid content (alongside their current free functionality of course) will work out for them.

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