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Mandometer Makes Sure You Eat Slowly

Mandometer Makes Sure You Eat Slowly


By Evan Ackerman

Remember how your mom used to tell you not to eat so fast? Well, if you’re not living with her anymore (and you really shouldn’t be) technology has come to the rescue with a gadget that replicates her nagging. The Mandometer is essentially just a scale that weighs the food on your plate while you eat, and then yells at you (vocally, no less) if you’re stuffing your gob faster than is allowed. It’s not just doing this for fun, though: studies have shown that using the Mandometer can lower your BMI by 2% over 18 months, and it’s supposed to act as part of a clinical method of improving your eating habits.

Still, this thing has no idea what you’re eating, it only records weight. Solution: pack your plate with chocolate mousse and souffle plus a couple rocks to throw of the sensor, and then go ahead and make a gigantic mess of things.

Or I guess you could just turn it off, but that would be way less fun.

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