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Cornucopia Personal Food Factory Concept

Cornucopia Personal Food Factory Concept


By Evan Ackerman

In the future, all of our food will come in tubes. Why? Because that’s just how things work in the future (the pre-replicator future, obviously). And I know you’re thinking, “wow! That’s convenient!” But only uncultured heathens would eat food straight out of the tube. I mean, spluh! This is why you need a food printer, and MIT is getting way ahead of the future by starting to work on one in the present.

The Cornucopia personal food factory is essentially just a 3D printer that uses cartridges of food instead of cartridges of plastic or whatever. So like, if you feel like an apple, you just put an apple cartridge in, run the apple program, and wait while printer extrudes an apple shape. Heating and cooling elements in the print heads do all of the cooking for you, and by combining different cartridges in a single dish you can potentially create some truly horrific meals.

[ MIT Fluid Interfaces Group ] VIA [ Shapeways Blog ]

  • mcman

    I prefer that jigger from BTTF. Pop a pizza nugget in it and 2 second later a large piping hot pizza is ready. Hello! McFly?!! Anybody in there!?!

  • franco1975

    Me is not understanding this. Is the food edible??

  • Evan Ackerman

    Or the thing from Fifth Element… CHIKAN!

  • Sara Stephens

    Some truly horrific meals. I love that line. It's great. And yes, we get this weird idea that all future things must be “futuristic-y”

  • Jessicat

    So ordering food online will be faster.

  • Jessicat

    So ordering food online will be faster.

  • CD DVD Printer

    That seems a pretty good gadget. I wonder how much this kind of gadget costs.

  • DVD Duplicator

    That was an awesome device.