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Haier HDTV Is Completely Wireless, May Or May Not Render You Sterile

Haier HDTV Is Completely Wireless, May Or May Not Render You Sterile


By Evan Ackerman

This TV from Haier (I guess they’re an electronics company or something) doesn’t just feature wireless HD… It’s totally, completely wireless. Wireless power, folks. What does it take to transmit 3 gigs per second of 60hz 1080p plus 100 watts of electricity? A gigantic antenna is what, as you can see right in front of the distracting jerk with the ponytail who got in the background of my shot:


We talked to the Haier reps about just what exactly would happen if you got in between the antenna and the TV, and while they said that it was perfectly safe, I’m going to assume that that’s just PR-speak for, “it’ll definitely turn you into a super hero while giving you some form of cancer.” We have no information on when you’d find something like this in your house, but the wireless HD probably won’t be available before 2011, about the same time as non-chafing lead underpants.

  • Jessicat

    That would be nice if I'm afraid or upset at too many wires. I really don't find them a bother. Zip ties are amazing. I too am afraid of what happens with all those things floating, bouncing, around the tv.

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