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Xtractaurs Lets Your Kids Play Jurassic Park

Xtractaurs Lets Your Kids Play Jurassic Park

Xtractaurs (Image courtesy Mattel)
By Andrew Liszewski

Put your kids on the path to a long and satisfying career in the field of bio-engineering with Mattel’s new Xtractaurs dinosaur toys. A $20 starter kit comes with what appears to be a T-Rex as well as an ‘extraction gun’ which is used to sample the dinosaur’s DNA. The gun is connected to your PC and the DNA data gets uploaded to the Xtractaurs website where the sampled dinosaur then comes to life.

But instead of just playing with their dinosaur, kids actually uses them to battle the evil ‘Megazaurs’ in an online game. Where things get interesting though is that there are about 15 different dinosaurs that kids can collect (about $10 each) sample the DNA and then combine it to make more powerful genetic hybrids. Cause there’s nothing kids like more than playing mother nature!

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